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How is Gunite Different from Other Pool Construction Methods?

Updated: Jan 18

Gunite swimming pools are a popular choice among homeowners looking to build a pool that's long-lasting and customizable. But what exactly is a gunite pool and what makes it a top choice among pool contractors?

What is gunite?

Gunite is a type of concrete that is sprayed onto a structure to create a strong and durable surface. In the case of swimming pools, this concrete mixture is sprayed onto a metal rebar framework to create the pool's walls and floor.

What are the benefits of gunite pools versus liner pools?

One of the major benefits of gunite pools is versatility. Because the gunite is sprayed on-site, it can be molded and shaped into almost any size and design. This allows homeowners to fully customize their pool to fit their specific needs and preferences.

Pool contractors spray gunite for in-ground swimming pool

Another advantage of gunite pools is durability. The gunite and rebar combination creates a structure that is resistant to cracking and other types of damage. This means that gunite pools have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance or repair over time.

In addition to being customizable and durable, gunite pools and spas are also energy-efficient. The material absorbs heat, which can help to keep the water warmer without the need for excess heating. This can result in lower energy costs for pool owners.

Overall, gunite swimming pools offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners. From their customizable design to their long lifespan and energy efficiency, it's no wonder they're a top choice among many professional pool contractors and homeowners.

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